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okokBanking [QB]


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okokBanking [QB]

Package Description


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  • Deposit/withdraw/transfer money;
  • Transfer money to offline players;
  • The IBAN/PIN code can be changed to custom ones;
  • Job/society accounts;
  • qb-management support;
  • Register transactions from any other resource using the AddNewTransaction event;
  • Discord logs;
  • Translations.



Click here to see the config file.


[FiveM Asset Escrow System]

This resource is on keymaster but IT IS NOT ENCRYPTED.


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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'map').

On the html file search for simple-datatables@latest and replace it with simple-datatables@5.0.

@okokBanking ;
@okokBilling ;
@okokGarage ;
@okokReports ;
@okokVehicleShop .

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