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General forum rules


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General forum rules



  • Do not create topics before searching the Forums, there's no point in having 2 of the same topics.
  • Do not flood the Forums. Posting useless posts to try and get your post count up is not allowed.
  • Do not bump topics. Make sure the topic your posting in is recent and up to date.
  • Do not spam the Forums with URL's of other websites and servers. Advertising here will get you banned.
  • Do not go off-topic. You must stay always on topic, going off-topic will get you warned.
  • Do not post any content such as torrents or any other illegal downloads here.
  • English only is to be used on the Community Forums at all times.



  • Do not insult anyone, everyone must be respected on the Forums. Breaking this rule can get you banned.
  • Do not insult or threaten any member of the community forums via PM. This will lead to a immediate ban from the Forums.
  • Do not bully, if the Forum Administration find any kind of bullying, a forced ban will take place immediately.
  • Do not discriminate others, everyone must be respected at all times.
  • Free Speech is fundamental on this Forum, but at all times you must do so in a respectful way. Extremist and hatred views will not be tolerated.
  • Have respect for all of the forum users, remember if you be nice to others, you will receive the same in return.



  • Forum Moderators are allowed to lock, move, split or remove a topic when needed.
  • Forum Moderators are allowed to edit and/or remove posts when needed.
  • Forum Moderators are allowed to lock, edit and/or remove polls when needed.
  • Forum Moderators are allowed to warn, moderate and mute when needed.
  • Forum Moderators are reserved the right to ban anyone that violates these rules stated in this enacted law for the Forums.



  • Not containing any notes of pornography or immaturity.
  • Not containing advertisement.
  • Not containing any offensive or unpleasant material.



  • No flaming/insulting anyone on the chat.
  • No flooding the chat with useless shouts.
  • No advertising on the chat, this will lead to being banned from chat.
  • No threatening MOXX.LV, joke or no joke - It won't be tolerated.
  • No using the chat for unban requests, it must be dealt with in the Unban Appeals Board.
  • Always speak English on the shoutbox.



  • All users can only have 1 account per person, multi-accounting is not allowed and your other accounts will be deleted.
  • All users are obligated to follow and respect of these rules on their first post. If a member violates these rules, action will be taken by the Forum Administration Team!
  • We do not delete primary accounts for any reason so please, don't request your account for deletion.
  • If you see any posts that goes against this Code of Conduct then use 'Report to Moderator' on the post where it will be sent to the Forum Administration Team for review.
  • You should note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or your ISP or the relevant authorities contacted.
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