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Hey everybody. So, as lot of you can tell we're becoming global community as of last week.
That's right, from now on here everyting is going to happen in English, as this was Latvian community before.
By saying this, I've been working hard on all aspects inculding website and servers.
So, for now only CSGO DD2, Left 4 Dead and MTA Ddayz servers are active.
We're expecting to have lot more game servers coming soon, one of 'me will be SA-MP Roleplay and Rust server.
So there's going to have lot of fun for us and you players too..
Hope to see new faces in our community, not just a player, also member of team, like Moderators, Administrators and so on..
So guys, I hope that you lot like that I've changed this community to a gobal one! And stay tuned for upcoming news..
I'll be working hard to SAMP Roleplay server to be opened as soon as posible!

Kind regards,

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